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LifePak CR2 Essential Defibrillator uses simple graphics, audible instructions, and automated features to help users begin lifesaving care in just 2 steps. CPR coaching gives users the confidence to perform CPR correctly. Both trained and untrained AED users clearly know how to begin and where to place electrode pads. It provides instructions for adult and paediatric CPR, including feedback when no CPR is detected, rate and depth guidance, a metronome and instructions on hand placement. The Semi Automatic AED will deliver shocks when button is pressed by the user.

LIFEPAK® CR2 Semi-Automatic Essential AED

  • Semi-Automatic: Delivers energy when shock button is pressed

    Manufacturer Warranty: 8 years

    Device IP Classification: IP55

    Maximum Joules: 360

    Billingual: Yes

    Battery Life: 4 years

    Electrode Pad Life: 4 years

    Child Mode: Yes

    Assisted voice prompting: Yes with ClearVoice™ technology

    Product Dimensions: H [22.6cm] x W [27.4cm] x D [9.7cm]

    Weight: 2.0kg


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